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USA Climbing competition coming to The Point May 18th and 19th

MetroRock has the great honor of hosting a regional competition for USA climbing on May 18th and 19th.

The 18th/ 19th the gym will be closed to normal climbing. The good news is that MetroRock needs volunteers for the event (you will get free food, day passes and the thrill of seeing some awesome climbing close up)

They need: - Judges (no experience necessary) - Volunteers (no experience necessary) - Scorers (no experience necessary) - Top rope belayers (top rope experience required) - Lead belayers (lead climb belaying experience required)

Sign up here to help out:

In the week leading up there will be a couple of sections of the gym closed as they reset routes, but MetroRock plans to add some yoga and have other stuff going on to keep you busy. Climbers have had to pre-qualify for this competition, but If you are interested in getting into competing MetroRock is going to start a Littleton climbing team to train over the summer and target the fall competition season. Email if you are interested.

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